You know how I work around here…it’s always a surprise what room or piece of furniture I’ll tell you about next. And the main reason for that is I usually never know what I’m going to find. If you like to shop thrift stores & estate sales like I do, you know it’s hit or miss. But, I do like to shop online as well. Especially when I can find a great deal.Here’s my latest great find from CSN Stores. It’s my new leather{look} ottoman. Let me apologize now for the pictures. I’m way too much of an amateur photographer to be able to shoot this with the window behind it & get a good shot. And as much as I hated to do it, I had to use the flash to get the ottoman to even appear in the picture. So, please excuse. Just so you can see it better, here’s the shot from the web site:So, about the ottoman, those of you who know my sister know that she bought one of these, too. In fact, she found it first & told me about it & I flat-out copied her & bought one for us, too. She wrote about hers here.I’m using ours in our still-a-work-in-progress library as a sort-of window seat. It’s great! I had shopped around for a while online & in stores for one like this & could not find one I liked for less than $400. Then I (I mean my sister) found this one for only $129, shipped free! And no, it’s not real leather, but it appears to be. It’s great quality, very sturdy & even has storage space! It arrived quickly & was mostly assembled already–we just had to screw on the feet. Click here for more details on it or to order one for yourself. One of these days we will actually have bookshelves made for this space & I can get our books out of the boxes which are presently taking up half the room. Here’s one last picture of the ottoman I took while standing on the boxes–at least they’re good for something. And if you’re wondering about that blue tape on the floor–that should give you a hint about what’s coming next!