So, some of you may have guessed what my recent favorite find in Atlanta was–and for those of you still wondering: it was Ballard Designs- the stores!I’m starting to think you Atlantans have been holding out on the rest of us, because as many times as I’ve visited Atlanta, I never knew Ballard was there. I was just perusing the BD site a couple weeks ago & found out that out of the 5 Ballard Stores in existence, 2 of them are in the Atlanta area. (The other 2 retail stores are in FL, & one outlet is in OH. Click here for store location info.) So, for my recent trip last week, I had to get myself over there.We stopped first at the Atlanta location. They call this their “hybrid store” because it is a combination of both new, full-priced merchandise & a few catalog return & outlet items. The store is set up beautifully, as you’d expect, & it’s just like walking into their catalog. Here are a few of the pics. Sorry about the quality… I had to take these with my hidden camera sunglasses. (Not really–I was sneaking a few with my phone.) They had signs posted throughout the store stating that photography was not allowed. Hmmm–you’d think they’re afraid we’ll steal their ideas or something!Here we are with the cute Mr. & Mrs. pillows I’ve always thought about making if I could think of somewhere to put them. Dave doesn’t look at all like I told him to “sit there & hold this pillow & look like you’re having fun,” does he?There really were some great deals. I ended up bringing home this Entomology Plaque Set I’ve liked for awhile. The original price for these was $39, and they’ve been marked down to $25 online. But, in the store, I got them for $15.99! I also bought this P.E. Collection Paper Tray for our library desk. It was still regular price, but I was planning to order this online anyway, so I saved myself the shipping costs.I absolutely loved being able to see some of my Ballard favorites in real life, sit on some of the furniture, & feel the fabrics. After we left there, we drove about 20 minutes to the Ballard’s Backroom in Roswell. This location is more of an outlet/warehouse. It’s bigger than the Atlanta store & it’s full of scratch & dent items & catalog returns. There was everything from headboards & chalkboards to lighting & rugs. Lots of furniture & wall decor as well. There were a few things I might’ve brought home if I had had space in my truck, but I didn’t, so I had to let it go.Both these locations had a lot of great items & had truly discounted prices as well. If you are a Ballard fan within driving distance to Atlanta, I recommend you visit. Especially if you are planning to buy large ticket items. You may be able to save a bundle. Have you visited a Ballard Store? I want to hear about it!