Have I ever mentioned how much I love a white kitchen? We moved into our previous house over 10 years ago and back then I reluctantly chose white cabinets, worrying a little that it was a trend that would soon end. After all those years in that house, I never got tired of them, and never considered anything but white when I was designing my present kitchen. It’s bright, it’s clean, it’s classic, and most importantly, it’s versatile–which is a must for someone like me, who likes to change things up all the time.

And while I was wanting whimsical a few weeks ago for Valentine’s Day, (remember my kitchen decor here?) for Spring, I wanted to dress it up a bit.

Just like always, I shopped my house and gathered up everything that spoke to my “Spring Formal” kind of mood. And Pantone would be proud because I even incorporated a hint of Honeysuckle. Then again, you never have to twist my arm to use a little pink. (For those of you who haven’t heard, Pantone’s Color Choice of the Year for Fashion and Decor is Honeysuckle.)

Gorgeous, huh?

This mirrored vanity tray I found at a Thrift store for $1.50 turned out to be a perfect fit behind the cooktop. And the bird and dogwood detail really screams “Spring!”

And in that turquoise vase, I have – you guessed it- some of those same white sticks from Christmas and Valentine’s Day. And the pink flowery branch adds that hint of pink I wanted. (Don’t worry- I’m aware that this could be a fire hazard. I promise I’ll use common sense while cooking!)

Recognize that chalkboard? That was my silver one, but I was in the mood for gold, so I gave it a few coats of my favorite Krylon Gold Foil Metallic. And our monogram seemed like the perfect design for this style.

This little pink dog is a vintage vase my husband found for me a couple years ago. And the topiaries are the ones I made last year. (Click here for a tutorial.)

Hope y’all like this new look for my kitchen. I’m keeping this for a while. How are you changing things up for Spring?