I have so many things I could post about, but I’m still busy from my big canvas promo I announced 2 weeks ago. I’m even seeing stacks of canvases in my sleep! But I had to tell you what’s on my Blessings Board today. This week has been a reminder that sometimes it’s the things that don’t happen to you that make you the most thankful. Like the other day, when Lola & I went to the zoo with some friends & I just happened to notice that my diamond ring felt funny on my hand. When I looked down at it, I saw that one of the prongs was broken off & the diamond was extremely loose, & just barely held in. The first thing I thought was what a miracle it was that I hadn’t lost it. We had been all over the zoo & I had washed my hands 2 or 3 times already. But the Lord did me a special favor & made me notice it before it was lost. Well, I rushed it over to the jeweler where my husband bought it for me 5 years ago & the jeweler couldn’t believe I hadn’t lost it either & told me he’d get it fixed ASAP. I knew it would probably be expensive to fix, but I was just thankful I hadn’t lost the stone. The next day, they called to tell me it was repaired (amazing customer service at this place!) & when I went in to get it, they had fixed it, polished it & had it looking brand new. I was so excited to get it back, I almost left without paying for it. And when I remembered & asked them how much it was, they said there was no charge. (Did I mention I love this place?)So anyway, I’m thankful. For good things that happen and bad things that don’t. And for the opportunities we get everyday to praise the Lord for how good He is to us. And for those of you in East TN, I also want to give a shout out to Markman’s Jewelers for the best customer service ever. Men, go buy your wife something nice from there. And regarding the canvases: for all of you who ordered, thanks for your patience in getting your orders finalized. Many of them are already printed & will ship out soon & I’m planning to finish up the second half of the orders this week. (Fingers crossed!)This is a little snapshot of what our house looked like Friday night. My family felt sorry for me, so my parents & Dave & the kids pitched in to help me do a little prep work to get the canvases ready for printing. Thanks, y’all!There are a few of you who still haven’t finalized your orders, so if you haven’t received an email from me, you may want to check your spam folder to see if it’s there! And here’s one more Special Announcement: Stop by tomorrow to hear about the first of two special giveaways I’ve got going on this week! Until then, count your blessings.