I have a thing for silk stripes. I think it’s my inner French girl. But anyway, it’s a good thing because as I told you the other day, my long-awaited living room curtains are hung and there is a lot a fabric in here now. I have to admit I was just a tad nervous as I was sewing all those yards that the stripes would turn this place into a circus tent, but now that they’re up, I love them. So, here are the pics I promised.First, my naked windows, in case you forgot what they looked like before. (Pay no attention to Cinderella’s dress in the floor.)And here are the afters: The fabric is kind-of an oyster & olive stripe–a combination I love. I got it here. If you’re interested, I may post more on how I made these later. It won’t be the way Martha would have done them, but it is the way an experienced amateur like myself does them. Less-than-perfect, yet full of bliss.Sharing them at some of these places.