I love these handy little sticky tabs that Ballard sent in their latest catalog. Makes it so easy to remember all the stuff you love or need or want.

But it really would have been nice if they had also included one that said, “copy it”, because that’s the one I’d use the most. But since they didn’t, I made one myself (I know-it’s not nearly as pretty) to tag my latest Ballard knock-off project. So many of us bloggers love to copy Ballard’s great stuff, but these cafe shelves may be one of the faves. They’re too great not to re-create.

And my breakfast room wall has been needing these, so my handsome assistant & I finally made them recently (have I said lately how glad I am that I married him?). And here they are, decked out for fall.

I hung my little fall banner on the front, added a few plates from my collection, my little kissing pilgrim salt & pepper shakers, and a little fall tree project I made with the girls the other day. (I’ll tell you more about this later.)

The little bird cages also found a spot here. They’re from Michael’s & only a dollar each! Denise first got some & told me about them & I had to have some for myself. I added a little bird silhouette hanging from a string in each one & plopped a couple of them up on pedestals. Did I mention I love these?

Anyway, I’m not posting directions on how to make the shelves because there are several other tutorials out there that explain it so well. Here’s a great one from House of Smith’s if you want to try these for yourself.
They’re a great way to display your seasonal decor. No wonder Ballard sells them for so much!
Ballard, we love {to copy} you!
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