This morning we woke up to pouring rain and the sound of thunder, which brought game cancellations and changes of plans. And it turned out to be a great disruption. Instead of the usual rushing to get out the door like we do each morning, we stayed home and just enjoyed it. We ate muffins & played games on the screened porch with the sound of the rain in the background, and just relaxed for most of the day. And we also remembered. Just like many of you, we talked about 9/11 and those who lost their lives that day. It’s important to me to recall what happened that day, and teach our children to remember as well, even if they were too young to have seen it. And for us, it was the anniversary of another important day as well. And one that’s much happier to remember. It was our one year anniversary of moving into our house. Time has flown, as always, this past year. I’ve documented much of the decorating of this house so far on this blog, and it’s a fun way for me to watch it slowly become our home. (Thanks to those of you who are following along on our journey.)And because I’m sentimental about anniversaries of special events, I reminisced a little about our old house, looking through a few pictures I took shortly before we sold it last summer. Important moments happened in that house during the 9 years we lived there. And for the sake of my sentimentality, I thought I’d post a few of those pictures for you to see, too.

It was a good day to remember. Hope you spent some time remembering, too.

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