I was going to play a game of “Guess the Odd Item I Used When Making This Pillow”, but I decided to skip it this time and just get to the point. It was Smucker’s Hot Fudge.

Although, the actual fudge was only for a quick chocolate fix while working. It was the lid that made the cut as a key element for this pillow I made for Abby’s new room.

When I was coming up with a design for her striped pillow, it took a few minutes of brainstorming (Denise was here helping me that day), but we realized what it needed was a big covered button in the middle. And because we didn’t want to waste any time shopping for an actual button, I shopped the pantry. Hence, the Smucker’s Hot Fudge.

To create a button form, I used a nail to punch 2 holes, then threaded several strands of very strong thread thru the holes. This is an important step. If you make one of these, make sure you use several long lengths of thread for this part. You’ll also need an upholstery or embroidery needle with a large eye to thread them through later.

Next, choose the fabric to cover the button, (my fabric was thin, so I used 2 layers), and sew the edges together on the back, pulling the fabric tightly around the button. A very important part of this step is to keep your long threads out of the way and centered on the back. It’s best to have a helper hold them up straight for you while you sew on the fabric.

After that, you’re ready to attach it to the pillow. Since I wanted it tufted a little bit, I used another button on the back of the pillow to serve as an anchor to hold it together. To sew the covered button on, thread your long, strong threads thru the large-eyed needle I mentioned and sew thru to the other button. Your helper can press the pillow down while you make the stitches. Make sure to go thru the pillow several times and then tie it off well when you’re done.

That’s it for the button pillow! If you liked the corsage flower pillow, see this tutorial for the general instructions for how to make the flower. I used this basic concept on a larger scale, then just tacked it onto the pillow I had made.

Thanks for all the nice comments on Abby’s new room and all its elements. That’s all for tutorials I’ll be posting about her room, but if you have other questions about things I didn’t explain, feel free to ask and I’ll try to help!