Here’s another fun project from Abby’s room that I’ve had some comments and questions about, so I’ll show you how we did the polka dot pom poms that now hang over her desk space.

These start with the basic principles of a tissue paper pom pom that are so hugely popular now for everything from birthday parties to babies’ rooms. Click here to get the quick how-to from Martha if you’ve never tried these before.

As shown, you take some regular tissue paper (not the kind you blow you nose on, people, but the kind you stuff in gift bags), and follow the steps in the how-to. I changed mine a little by rounding the ends with scissors after folding rather than making a pointed end.

Once the poms were made, I added some flair by punching some little flower shapes out of black card stock and strategically gluing them here and there with Elmer’s. The best way to do this is to hang the pom pom up while you work so you can get a good view of where you’re placing the dots.

Once I was satisfied with the dot placement, I added one more step by creating some “prism silhouettes” out of a couple punches and a tear drop shape that I cut from more black card stock.

You need 2 of each shape to create this effect. I used a good thick thread tied to the bottom of the fishing wire in the center of the pom pom to hold the silhouettes. Once again, I used the glue to “sandwich” the thread between the two pieces and let them hang where I wanted them.

What variations of tissue paper pom poms have you tried?