I’m not sure if my latest (and maybe greatest) project came about through 99% inspiration or 99% perspiration, because it felt like it could be 100% of each. That’s what I get for taking on a huge project in the dead of summer. But, it’s finished now & I’m in love with it.I should start with the inspiration part. That came from Holly at Life in the Fun Lane. I’ve been a fan of hers since the first time I came across her blog. In fact, her French Provincial Cabinet was one of the first projects I ever saw on her site. I loved it immediately. It was so my style. So, you can imagine I was thrilled when I found this french cabinet of my own in one of my favorite thrift shops. So, I set out from the beginning to shamelessly imitate Holly’s cabinet. I started with Sherwin Williams’ Pro Classic Satin in Extra White. I should’ve started with their latex primer, but I didn’t realize this until after the first 2 coats. So, learn from my mistake and use the primer first! I might also recommend spraying a piece like this if you own a sprayer, just because It did take a long time to brush-paint. After painting 4 coats & sweating off what felt like 10 pounds, I decided if I did something like this again, I’d spray. After the painting, I put the hardware back on exactly like it was in its gorgeous antiqued state. And I sanded the edges just slightly to give it a little dimension. And then, with the help of my talented husband, I installed the “wallpaper”, which really wasn’t wallpaper at all, but rather a very thin sign material that my husband custom-printed for me in a pattern he designed to imitate Holly’s original piece. It’s one of the advantages of being married to a promotional graphics guru. And it’s the perfect finishing touch for this piece. Did I mention I’m thrilled with it? Let me know what you think. And thank you, Holly, for your inspiration. I hope I’ve made you proud! Visit thecsiproject.comVisit thecsiproject.comLinking up this post to some of these great parties…stop by & see them! And if you haven’t yet signed up for my wristlet key chain giveaway, click here!