I’ve been busy this week. Besides the fact that the kids are home from school & wanting my attention, there are several other things going on this week. Yet, in the midst of it all, I decided to take on a project that’s been waiting its turn in the garage. I think this was my biggest project yet, & I’m proud to say that I did it all myself, from sanding & cleaning to painting & cleaning up. I actually do most of my projects myself, but this one seemed different because it was just BIG. Here’s how it looked when I found it:To you, it may look like a dining table, but to me, it’s the perfect desk I had been searching for for our highly under-decorated library. If you’ve been around here long, you know I’m going on the philosophy of “Use-What-You-Find Decorating” since we moved into our house last fall. This simply means that I keep my eyes peeled (usually at the thrift stores) for pieces I like & when I come across something at a price I can live with (this table was a steal at $38), I make it work. The fun part is, I never know what I’ll be working on next!When I found this piece at Goodwill, the first thing I noticed were the legs. I’m not sure what the correct decorating term would be for these legs, but I call them a harp/turned leg combination. And I thought right away that they are the perfect look for a desk. If the table had been solid wood, I would’ve chosen to stain it, but since the top is veneer, like so many dining tables, I had to paint. So, it went black. And I’m very happy with the result. My husband wanted to use the entire table with the leaf at first, but at 76″ long, it was a little out of scale with the room, so we removed the leaf & it’s the perfect size.At the advice of an expert at Sherwin Williams, I used their enamel in Low Sheen Black, right off the shelf. It only took a half a quart to do 2 coats on this desk. And no protective top coat is necessary! This gives you an idea of just how pitiful this room is at the moment. But at least I have a desk now, and that’s a small step up. Now I’ve added “desk chair” to my mile-long list of things I’m on the look-out for. And who knows, maybe soon the books will come out of the boxes & I may actually get some curtains for this room as well!I’m linking up with some of these parties. Come get inspired!