After 15 years of marriage, I have somehow come to the point where I’m buying even my husband’s anniversary gifts at a thrift store. What does this say about me? The answer to that could be complicated, but let me just say that when I first saw this little clock at one of my go-to thrift stores, I hadn’t planned to give it to my husband for our anniversary, but then again, I didn’t know what to do with it. But I knew it had potential, and that’s all it needed to convince me to bring it home.At the moment, I’ve been thinking a lot about the library, a.k.a. our home office. (I think I can call it that officially since I finally got a desk in there.) I have a plan to decorate this room in a travel theme. Someday, there’ll be bookshelves & curtains & all our travel memorabilia that we’ve collected thru the years, but like everything else, it’s one step at a time. So, it was a combination of needing to accessorize the library & the fact that I’m a hopeless romantic that inspired this clock. I started with a google search of a map. But not just any map: a map of the place that I first met my husband. When I found one that had some nice colors I liked, I printed it out in the size I needed for the face of the clock.

Then, I carefully removed the hands from the face of the clock & cut a hole with an exacto knife to allow it to fit over the rod that holds the hands.

I also used a paper punch & punched a medallion out of black card stock for just a little more detail. And then I carefully placed the hands back on.And because I wanted one more element of surprise, I used wire cutters to snip the end off of a sewing pin, then glued it in place, adding a pinpoint on the map of the exact location where it all began. ♥Don’t tell him this whole project only cost $4. He might think I’m a cheapskate. Actually, after fifteen years of me spending his money, he knows me better than that! Linking up with these usual fun sites.