In recent weeks, I’ve “met” more and more of you through the kind comments you’ve left on my posts. And I’ve now reached the point that most of my followers are people who don’t actually know me personally. You don’t know that I have a slight southern accent. (My in-laws may think it’s more than just “slight”!) You don’t know that I wear flip flops almost everyday from April to September. And you don’t know that everyday for the past 7 years, I’ve prayed for my dad to be healed of cancer. But God hasn’t decided to do that so far. These past 7 years have held a lot of ups and downs for my family. This week has been a very hard & painful week for my dad. Which means it’s been a hard & painful week for all of us. But one thing I know for sure is that trials will come, but God has not forgotten us. He has never left us, and I know He never will. I’m quite certain that everyone reading this has known someone close to them who has been through a trial such as cancer or some other hardship. Maybe it was you personally. This week, another member of my family is starting cancer treatment as well, and I’ve been busy praying for her, too. I’ve seen God’s grace at work in people’s lives during tragedy, such as when he brought some of our best friends’ little boy through Leukemia & a bone marrow transplant just a few years ago. And I’ve experienced His presence in my own life time after time. Trials like these will teach lessons that cannot be learned any other way. And the grace of God that we experience during these times is something that cannot be explained. We do not know what the future holds. Only God knows that. But it is the desire of my family that our lives not be defined by cancer or any other trials we may experience. But rather, we want our lives to be defined by the grace that God has demonstrated toward us during our trials. That’s something I know for sure.