So, I guess I’ve got a Topiary Series going without even planning to. I just started covering things with moss one day and suddenly…well, I have a topiary addiction. And now, everywhere I shop I find myself browsing for urns & thinking of new shapes to create. And just when I think I have enough little topiary creations, I see Ballard or Pottery Barn group a bunch of them on one table & I think, “Oh, I need another one.” Don’t you love this?{photo from Ballard Designs}Some of you are saying, “Enough, already!”, but there are a few of you who will admit that, like me, you’re thinking “Just one more little topiary won’t hurt anything.” (If you’re one of these types, you might want to see these others in my Topiary Series.)My latest one is this Spiral Topiary. I wasn’t sure if I loved it at first because it looks a little unnatural, but after I set it out in my kitchen, I really like it. And after all, it’s the nature of spiral topiaries to be a little unnatural. Here’s how I made mine: I started with some newspaper, a couple pieces of 18 gauge floral wire, and some tape. I also had chosen a stick from my yard & stood it up in my urn, secured with newspapers stuffed around it. Then, I laid out more newspaper, folded in half (as if you’re reading the front page) about 6 layers thick. Then, I placed the two wires in the center.

Next, I rolled the newspaper up, keeping the wires in the center.

Then, I twisted the wired newspaper into a spiral shape & secured the ends with tape.

Next, I took I piece of 22 gauge wire (a little thinner), & secured the top of the spiral to the top of my stick I had chosen & placed in my urn.

The only thing left to do was to cover the form with floral moss using my glue gun, the same way I did here for my Ten Minute Topiary.

Here it is in my kitchen. And yes, that’s another new topiary beside it. What could I do? I had the perfect little matching urn. And I knew just one more couldn’t hurt!Click here to see the great parties I’m linking to.