Way back when we were searching for the perfect house plan, one of the things we absolutely really hoped to have was a screened porch. And then we got one. And all winter, I dreamed of warm weather, cook outs, and Sunday afternoon naps on that porch. Funny thing was, in my dreams, there was always nice cozy furniture, smart outdoor decor, and great accessories. But, every time I looked out there, the porch was completely empty. And so was my budget for outdoor decor. Then I found that $25 Craigslist table & chairs that I painted & posted about here. It was a start. Next, my mom announced that she was getting rid of all her wicker that’s been on her porch for the past several years. She didn’t think I’d want it because it was literally starting to crumble & the paint was in really bad shape. But, I told her I didn’t care. I’d take it. So we loaded up the truck & moved to Beverleeee. Seriously. On Easter. In our Easter clothes. That’s what I needed a picture of. Here’s a bird’s eye view of all the makeover candidates.And here’s our spray booth we set up in the back yard for the big project. And here’s the guy that married the girl that puts him to work painting the stuff that goes in the house that… okay, forget it. There were 15 pieces total, including our old table & chairs that we planned to put on the lower patio. We used oil paint at the recommendation of some experts & we are thrilled with the results. I’ve been sewing like a mad woman for the past week, making seat cushions & pillows. And here’s the result so far.

And here are the great adirondacks in my new favorite blue that my BFF & personal shopper found for me the other day.

Thanks for letting me show you around my porch. It’s still missing a few items that I’ll be searching the thrift stores for. But even as it is, it’s our new favorite room. It’s just…bliss.

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