Is this a hot topic or what? I can’t tell you how many people I’ve talked to that have said:”Wow, I’m just really stumped on how to decorate my mudroom.”Okay, you’re right. This never happens. I’m guessing that of the less than 1% of the American population who even have such a room, it’s not on the top of their decorating priority list. And I’m one of those people. Heaven knows I have an entire house waiting to get decorated, so why am I accessorizing my mudroom? The opportunity presented itself. And it was cheap. It started when I got my beloved Pottery Barn catalog the other day. And just like many of you, I began to pore over the pages, planning what to replicate next. That’s when I saw these cute keys in a mudroom.

And because I pretty much know what’s on every aisle at You-Know-Where (rhymes with Sobby Bobby), I remembered seeing a set of keys there for really cheap. Here are mine (only $6 for the set).

I decided to add a little color to mine, so I got out my trusty craft paints & dry-brushed on some color. I left one of them the copper color.

An hour later, they were on my wall. I realize this is nothing close to the mudroom in the PB catalog, but you can’t expect much from a $6 & one-hour budget. Pottery Barn Replicaters unite!