Once again, I have found inspiration from someone else’s creativity and like a woman on a mission, I took the idea and ran with it. This time, it was from Alison at This is Not a Rough Draft. I’ve been waiting for months to find some kind of art for a large wall over a bookshelf in my oldest daughter’s room. When I saw that Alison’s daughter’s room was decorated in generally the same colors as my daughter’s, it all came together. Alison got her butterflies from Pottery Barn Kids, so technically I guess I’m copying 2 sources, but who’s counting?

The real beauty of this project is that it cost me approximately $2.50. That was just for a few extra scrapbook papers to add to the ones from my collection that I had already chosen to use. I also used more free sticks from my backyard (click here to see how I used sticks the other day…the neighbors are starting to wonder about me), and a metal flower pot that I already had.

I found a butterfly image I wanted to use as a pattern, then just started cutting. I arranged the sticks the way I wanted them and put a few rocks in the bottom of the pot to balance the weight. Then, I added a little moss on top to finish it off. After that, it was all about hot-gluing the butterflies and leaves onto the “tree” and using tiny sewing pins to “nail” the butterflies to the wall.

I did this little project while my daughter was at school today. She was thrilled when she saw it. I really hated to admit to her that it wasn’t my original idea, but then again, isn’t that what the decorating world is all about?