No, I’m not running for office. Not today, anyway. Today I need your vote on what I should do with one of my latest projects. I came upon this vintage chest a couple weeks ago at a small-town antique market, & when I saw that it had been marked down to $25, I could not leave without it. I am in love with everything from the detail on the front down to the wheeled feet.Here’s the before:Because I had already picked the perfect place for this to go in my house & I always gravitate toward a formal french look, I wanted it black. That was the easy part. (Professional furniture re-finishers, skip to the next paragraph now). To do this, I turned to my favorite spray paint, Krylon, & sprayed the whole thing Satin Black. This took 3 cans & approximately 30 minutes. You just can’t beat the smooth finish, either.After painting, I put the original antiqued-brass hardware back on without changing anything about it. And I love it. Here’s how it looks now. If you’re wondering why the lamp still has the tags on it & plastic on the shade, click here.So, anyway, my dilemma now is that every time I walk by it now, it keeps hinting to me that it wants more. I think it has dreams of being a gorgeous eclectic piece with a harlequin pattern incorporated in that beautiful circle on the front. But, I’m just not sure if that’s what’s best for it yet. So, I’m asking for your opinion. For the next few days, I’d like to hear what my readers think about this. I’m asking you to vote by leaving a comment below. Here are 3 options to vote for:1.) Leave the chest solid black-it’s great how it is. 2.) Take a chance & go for the harlequin pattern to accent the circle motif on the front.(Here’s an example where a harlequin pattern has been used for an entire front of a chest. photo credit)3.) Forget both of those options & submit your own idea.I am looking forward to hearing what you all have to say about this. Here’s the fine print: I reserve the right to go with any or all of the options submitted. And I also reserve the right to ignore all of them & paint this thing hot pink if the mood strikes. Now get down there & vote!DIY Day @ ASPTLTip JunkieBlue Cricket Design