It’s been a crazy week for me. I’ve had a few jobs that took longer than expected. I’ve missed a couple of deadlines & had to rearrange my schedule to find time to get things done. I’ve had to deal with people and issues and people with issues (most of whom were people I gave birth to). I’ve had to cancel a few things and schedule a few things. I keep asking “Is it Friday yet?”, not because I can’t wait for it, but because I still have so many things to do before it gets here. And yet, I’m blogging right now. And that’s because I’m thinking there may be a few of you who feel the same way this week. And I need to get in black & white some things that will help put this week in perspective. Today is a perfect time for a little Thanksgiving. So, here’s my list of a few things I’m thanking the Lord for this morning:1. I’m thankful we’re not covered in snow here. And that Spring is just around the corner.2. I’m thankful that, so far, we have eluded the dreaded stomach bug this week. 3. I’m thankful for my warm slippers my husband got me for Christmas. And the fact that they have a little rosette on the top just makes me happy. 4. I’m thankful that my 4th child is now fully potty trained & with the money we’re saving on diapers & pull-ups we may just be able to finish getting this house furnished. (Ok, not quite.)5. I’m thankful that Hobby Lobby has a 25% off coupon on their site, even though it’s usually 40%. (What’s up, I wonder?) Click here to get it.6. I’m thankful for the opportunity to serve the Lord in a unique capacity every Wednesday night with some great kids in a great Bible Club. (What did I do to deserve this?) 7. I’m thankful I found time to get my bathrooms cleaned yesterday. Maybe I’ll get all the dusting done today. 8. I’m thankful for the encouraging messages, phone calls, & comments that I get from the readers of this blog. (Thanks y’all!)I hope this gets you thinking. What are you thankful for today?{Don’t forget to vote for the outcome of my Vintage Chest Redo if you haven’t already. I’m going to try to make a decision soon. It’s one of those things on my list!}