Welcome to my house! I’m so glad to be a part of the Nester’s Christmas Tour of Homes this year! If that’s not how you found me, be sure to click here before you leave so you can visit some really beautiful homes on the tour!Here’s my front door! Complete with my fresh wreaths that I ordered on eBay & decorated with non-traditional black & white bows. (Don’t trip over that tacky cord as you come in.)Here’s my little table at the end of my front hall. I JUST painted it the other day. I love it because it lived in my grandparents’ house for as long as I can remember. My Mamaw gave it to me when she moved & didn’t have a place for it. It’s perfect for holding my little tree of party favor ornaments I gave out at my party the other night!Here’s a close-up of my little table, complete with a little wreath I made.And these little initial ornaments are easy to make to give away to friends.Just outside my kitchen, I found a nice home for my Merry Christmas sign.Now, come into what we call the piano room simply because that’s pretty much all that’s in there. Here’s where I put my shiny silver stuff, like my mercury glass collection,And this adorable little church that makes me just want to sing “Silent Night”.And this is where you’ll also find my big Nativity set.Now let’s go into the kitchen, where most of Christmas happens here at our house. Here’s my recently-created silver chalkboard & my kitchen wreath that sits on the little shelf above my range where I’ve been known to cook up a mean pot of chili. Help yourself to a cupcake while we finish the tour! I’ll even serve you some hot chocolate in one of my favorite Christmas mugs.And here’s a view of the whole room (and 2 little elves busy at work).What’s that fabulous Christmas smell, you ask? Oh, that’s my Mistletoe Yankee Candle my mother-in-law gave me. LOVE that smell! (Notice how I’m rationing it to make it last ’til Christmas.)And one of my favorites from the great Mary Engelbreit…And here on my breakfast room table is my grandmother’s vintage tablecloth, complete with few stains from when my dad was a little boy.A little more garland around the naked window …Some little kitchen ornaments my sister gave me this year…Here in the laundry room I just hung the elves clothes out to dry…And here in the family room is where I placed my “Wreath-in-an-Urn”. Just watch: Martha will be doing this soon.And here’s where our stockings are hung with care…And right over here is where the kids take turns pulling out the “bricks” in the fireplace, counting down the days until Santa comes down the chimney. And that’s pretty much the end of the tour, but I wouldn’t want you to visit my house & miss the best thing of all. It’s what I want Christmas at my house to really be about. It’s really so not about Santa. (And trust me, I’m one of his biggest fans.)It’s really all about HIM. Jesus in the manger. And me wondering how His heart must fill with joy when my 3-year-old talks to the little figurine in the nativity set.And about the Jesus I’ve seen in the life of my parents through the good times and the times that aren’t so good.And the Jesus whom I want my kids to see in my life.

And the Jesus who will never fail me, even if other people do.And Jesus who died for my sins, then rose again to give me eternal life.It’s about the Jesus of the day after Christmas and every other day of the year. Without Him, it may be a jolly holiday, but it’s not really Christmas unless He’s there. If you’ve never met Him, I hope this is the year that you do. Thanks for stopping by, y’all. May you have a true Merry Christmas this year!