So, try as I might, I just can’t help rushing into Spring as soon as Valentine’s Day is over. I had told myself that I would try to pull together a neutral, non-seasonal look for the kitchen & breakfast room shelves for these few weeks before Spring, but somehow, a few hints of Spring found its way in & I realized I’m just fine with that.

This $1 thrifted ceramic spoon was my inspiration. It was an ugly peach color when I found it, but I gave it a quick coat of my favorite Silver Foil Krylon to glam it up a little.

Then I added my “table etiquette” platter from Home Goods…

And remember the new chalkboard I told you about? I made it from this tray I’ve had for years. I just sprayed the inside with the chalkboard paint, then brushed some white on the outside, and sanded the edges for a little distressing.

Then I just added this quote I love by Robert Louis Stevenson…

I carried the same “spoon” theme over in the kitchen with some silverware art on the chalkboard. (See what I mean about chalkboard art setting the tone for a space? And it’s so easy!)

The spoon art is brought to you by a thrifted gold frame, a piece of cardboard covered in burlap, & a few of my antique spoons held on with scotch tape. (Yes, I said tape. That’s my cheesy-chic style.)

Hope this gives you a little inspiration for your “almost-Spring” transitional décor! I’m sharing mine with a few of these friends.

The Lettered Cottage