So, I have something fun to tell you about that will especially interest those of you who are always telling me you like my projects, but think you can’t do them yourself.

But, first, for the crafters out there, I’ve been on a fabric flower headband craze lately, & they’re so fun & easy, I thought I’d share the how-to.

All you need are scissors, a glue gun, and some scrap fabrics.

Start with a basic plastic headband…

And using your hot glue gun, just wrap a strip of fabric around the headband until it’s covered…

Next, make your rolled fabric flower. There are a ton of tutorials for these all over the place, but if you’ve never made these before, click here for a simple how-to. I added simple leaves to mine.

More hot glue will hold the flower on perfectly, & you’re done!

These are great. I love designing new ones in different color combos. And all three of my girls (ages 5, 9, & 13) have been wearing these like crazy since I’ve been making them.

And as for the big news for those of you non-crafters who still don’t own a glue gun (or those of you who just don’t want to fool with it), you may be happy to know that I’ve opened up a little shop, especially for my readers, where I’ll be selling some of the Bliss you see on this blog from time to time.

The shop is simply called Bliss For Sale, & now & then, whenever I get the urge, I’ll open the shop with some things I think you’ll like.

For this little Grand Opening, I’m offering a few of these headbands. They’re priced to sell & there’s only a limited supply (meaning I’m only selling them until I get tired of making them), so if you like them, buy them while you can.

I have no idea when I’ll list more items or what they might be, just like I’m never sure what project I’ll be doing next around here.

But, for now, I’ve got some Bliss For Sale, so get it while you can!