Ahhh, Pinterest. That beautiful place where the food is picturesque, the ideas are genius, the quotes are funny, and everyone has a gorgeous house and a wardrobe fit for a queen (or a Duchess–have you seen this dress on Kate? Breathtaking.)

But, back here in Realityville, the clothing budget doesn’t usually stretch far enough to cover all those gorgeous outfits we come across on Pinterest. Take this outfit I pinned several weeks ago…

It was love at first sight for me and that gray chevron skirt (as it was for hundreds of other pinners), but I knew I’d never pay the $178 it was listed for at Barneys.com.

And then one day, I got a text from my sister who had spotted some gray chevron fabric at Hob Lob, so I did what I had to do and floored it to my local store to get some for myself.

And thanks to this fabulous, budget-saving, wardrobe-changing, watch-out-world post by my sister on how to make a basic skirt with a zipper, I now have my own version of the famous chevron skirt.

I know it’s not an exact replica, but the total cost for my version of the skirt was less than $10, including the cost of the zipper.

If that gray chevron skirt is on your Pinterest style board, you can find some great, affordable chevron fabric by clicking here or here.

And if you’d like a flower belt, I made mine using a basic elastic belt like I showed you how to make here.

And then I used a regular faux flower and made a belt slide for the back with some scraps of canvas. Basic instructions for a belt slide can be found here.

And now that I have overcome my fear of zippers, I’m on a roll. Here’s another skirt I made for around $12.

It was inspired by this skirt from Anthro which was originally $118.

I know I’ve said it before, but if you will learn to sew, it can change your life. There are many great sewing tutorials posted by bloggers every day. My sister’s blog is a great one. You can do this stuff. Just keep in mind thatit does not have to be perfect. Don’t worry–no one is going to XYZ {examine your zipper}.

Now, go give it a try!

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