Our epic summer of weddings is now complete as we move deeper into fall and our family tree branches begin to spread.  We are starting to adjust to to the new routine of the adult kids not being here every single day, but there are still days I wake up and think– did that really happen?  But it did! Our oldest two have left this nest to start their own, and we have two more fabulous people in the family that fit better than if we had tried to custom order them ourselves! Plus, now we have a family of 8 more often than not, so that’s great too!

After a long wait, I finally have glimpses of the big day for Miriam and Grant!  On a very warm summer day in Alabama, our son married the girl of all of our dreams, and I’m thrilled to share a few moments of the occasion with you all!

The venue was the Harvest Hollow Venue and Farm in northern Alabama, and it was a beautiful setting inside and out!

Miriam and her family and friends did most of the decorating and it was so pretty and perfectly reflective of her style!  We found ourselves calling  it “Hispanic Farmhouse” style because it mixed the two elements in the most perfect way!

Both the wedding cake and the groom’s cake were gorgeous and amazing as well and both of them were made by a friend of the family!

The Tabasco sauce favors were also so cute as they are one of her family favorites!

The girls arrived at the venue early, where we had a beautiful dressing area for all of us to get ready upstairs in the loft.

Miriam’s mom was amazing on this day, doing everything from keeping the bridal party fed, to decorating and setting up, and still looking elegant and beautiful the entire time.

My niece, Marlie, was the flower girl for the wedding, just as she was for Abby & Beau’s, so she was feeling like a professional by the second one!

Grant and the guys spent the morning at Top Golf and arrived in the early afternoon, ready to get the party started!

No last minute words of advice were really needed as we have poured our entire lives into raising this guy and his sisters and he can now quote me better than I can quote myself, basically.  

We are proud of him for so many reasons and can’t wait to see all that God has in store for him and Miriam.

One of the defining characteristics of Grant is his loyalty to friends, and the fact that he had a hard time narrowing the list of groomsmen to only 10 is testimony to that.  He is a blessed man to have had these guys by his side for the day– some from college, some from high school, and some friends since birth, but each of them a vital part of his life.  These guys had us crying at the rehearsal the night before from sharing so many great memories with Grant! 

And Miriam’s bridesmaids were also comprised of close lifelong friends, close newer friends, and sisters!

It was the bride and groom’s choice to have a first look, which was a special moment for sure!

We did the family pics before the ceremony as well…

The two newlywed couples together…

And our extended family…

And then it was time for the ceremony!

Isn’t she just stunning??!!

So many emotions!

Our good friend and pastor officiated the ceremony and made it especially meaningful for all of us.

One of the most precious times of the ceremony was a family prayer circle where the parents and our pastor and his wife gathered around the bride and groom, and prayed for them as close friends sang, “The Blessing”.

And then they were married!

The bride and groom started off the reception with first dance…

Then the bride and her dad…

And mother and the groom…(Made it through this with maybe one tear!  I tried so hard to hold it together through this ceremony like I did Abby’s!)  I shared the video of this on my Insta and it’s saved in my highlights under Family if you want to see it!

The dinner was a delicious taco bar prepared by friends of the family and it was a huge hit with everyone!

After cake, more dancing and greeting the bride and groom!

And then Miriam’s mom got me on the dance floor for a little salsa!  So out of my element, but so fun!  Plus– look how well we matched for the wedding and never planned it! 

And then the bride and groom were on their way after a big sparkler exit!

Such a fabulous way to start a new life together!  We couldn’t be more thankful for everything going so well.  We are so blessed to have Miriam in the family and thankful to her parents for hosting such an amazing event to celebrate these two!  Let the happily ever after begin.

Photos in this post from different sources, including family and friends and Woven Soul Photography.