I’m a little late to my own fall tour as you can see, but just like everything  else in 2020, abnormal is the new normal, I guess!  I’d love to invite you all over to the front porch for coffee, because it’s a super fun place with the new furniture, but maybe someday when gathering is actually acceptable again! (Looking forward to that day, actually!) I already shared the fall front porch HERE in case you missed it.  And the good news is, the mums are still alive and well so far!

As for inside, here are a few glimpses of how I’ve transitioned our favorite spaces.  I’m sharing sources as I have them.  Just click on the thumbnail pics and note that I may receive a small commission on sales of products I link here at no added cost to you!

FYI: Dining room mural is this one from Wunderwall Mural.

In case you missed it, this new landscape art is a DIY I did from a clearance canvas recently!  Visit my Instagram and see my story highlights to see the process! 

And here Scout is showing the new ottoman slipcover I shared HERE

Thanks for joining me for another fall tour, friends! We have definitely enjoyed lots of time here on the screened porch lately.  Find this sweet Knoxville pillow HERE at one of my favorite local shops.