Y’all know by now that the extent to my Halloween decor consists of cute and colorful with maybe a black bird thrown in.  We’ve made it a tradition with the kids to have a few friends over for each year so they can dress up and have a little party.  The only scary thing about it is the thought of chili getting spilled on my white couch! (HA!)  But I do like to put up a few decorations for the night, and last year I made a little fringe backdrop that I never had time to share, so I’m sharing now! (I’m shocked at how different the breakfast room was with our old table!)

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This little backdrop was super fun and easy and could be used for all kinds of events.  I made a small one, but they can be any size you want as well! All you need are plastic table coverings in the colors of your choice and some curling ribbon or cording! (Click on the images below and get them by Halloween!)

I used 4 each of the pink and orange tablecloths which gave me a backdrop of approximately 3 feet wide and 6 feet long.  

Unfold the tablecloths just enough to where they’re easy to cut into straight long strips of about 1 1/2 to 2 inches in width.

Next, cut a long strip of the ribbon to tie your strips to.  I doubled it for extra strength and just taped mine to the floor to keep it in place.

Then, take 3 strips at a time and tie them onto the ribbon.  Fold the strips over and pull the ends through the “loop” to give you double the fringe as you tie.  No need to make the strips perfectly even in length.  This will give you the varied look and make it fuller at the top and lengthier at the bottom.

Vary the colors according to your style and just keep knotting until you have no more strips!

Add some balloons or embellishments to go with your occasion if you want to.  I stuck on some giant googly eyes and a BOO balloon!  You can shop similar ones by clicking the images below and still get them in time for Halloween!

I just love the fun fringe!  Add a few more elements for your occasion and you’ve got a party!

The possibilities and occasions for this little backdrop are endless!   I’d love to see how you would use it too! 

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