The week after Christmas, I made a spur-of-the-moment decision that was actually 10 years in the making.  I’ve talked for years about finally choosing a chandelier for the piano room, and I had come close several times, but I finally pulled the trigger on one and I am loving it! 

I got this one a flash sale, but the truth is the regular price is an absolute steal as well!….

It’s the perfect size I was looking for, and between me and you, I was tempted to buy one for my dining room as well! And it even looks good when lit!

We have actually been spending a lot of time in this room during these last few weeks, unplugging  and doing lots of puzzles and games!  We left the Christmas tree up for longer than usual, but I couldn’t put away all the twinkle lights just yet, so I’m keeping up the mantle decor I had during the holidays!

A few flowers mixed in are helping to freshen up the space as well and transition to Valentine’s Day coming soon!  (Clearing this table shortly to finish a puzzle in progress!)  Only a couple days left to have my college kids home before they head back to school for their last semester!  We’ve had a great break and I’m hating to see it end.  But enough of that for now.  Lots of things to look forward to this year, including more home projects!  What have you been working on so far this year?