My motivation for more Spring decorating arrived at the exact time the chilly rainy weather finally left us here in Tennessee!  There’s nothing like fresh sunshine to totally change a mood, so I have been busy making few fresh changes to the formal living room, which we call the Piano Room at our house.  I mixed a few things I already had with a few new finds and here’s how it’s currently looking…

I took down my favorite round mirror and the garland that I had on this mantle for Christmas, and started over with this rectangular mirror I keep in storage.  One of the new things I found was this cute wreath from Hobby Lobby in a cute shade of spring green.

Because I had a farmhouse chic design in mind for this space for spring, I decided to add this cute “welcome” script (also from Hob Lob) onto the wreath.  I just used a little string to tie it on. 

I love to hang wreaths on mirrors, and I usually do it with ribbon.  I found this cute ticking stripe ribbon on closeout, also at Hobby Lobby, but I found a similar one online here…

I use basic packing tape to attach it to the back of the mirror and it hangs perfectly! 

Next, I put together a tall floral arrangement that was actually so simple it could hardly be called an arrangement.  I just chose some of these miniature snowball white hydrangeas and a couple other thin branches.  Because I was planning to use a clear glass vase for this one, I wanted the stems to look natural as well, so I chose these that have natural-looking brown stems.

I tried a couple of my vases to figure out which one was the correct scale for this mantle and for these stems, and I chose this one.  Then, I simply placed the hydrangea stems in first.

Then, to add just a little more filler and texture, I added the thin branches.  

I just filled in the blank spaces by spreading the little stems on each of the branches.  You’ll notice I leave all tags on my stems until I know I like the arrangement!  Sometimes you just can’t tell how you’ll like the different stems until you try them together.  

After the arrangement, I finished the mantle with a couple of my cloches over a moss bunny I had and a little urn with a nest.

I added a little pop of pink to this spring feel with these cute tassel pillows I also found at Hobby Lobby!

And if you follow my Instagram, you may have already seen that I moved my green garland from the mantle to the banister!  I never thought about doing this for spring before, but I love it! You may remember when I first used this on my dining table HERE.

Another of my favorites for Spring are these little feather ducks which came from one of my favorite local shops a couple years back.

And that’s it!  You can see more details from this room from different seasons by clicking HERE.  Only one more week til the official start to Spring!  Can’t wait!