If you’ve seen my Instagram, you know I’m prepping the screened porch for porch season and all the great time to be spent out here coming soon!  And part of that prepping always involves a chalkboard.  This one was way overdue since I just erased the fall art from it, but it’s got a fresh look for spring and I may just keep it throughout summer!

I love a message for this board that speaks of the people I love sharing this space with and all the fun times we have out here.  So I borrowed this line from an old song.  Do you recognize it?

As usual, I’ve made this into a free printable for those who may be interested.  Just click HERE to download and print.  I hope you have a porch or a space like this somewhere at your house!  And may you have lots of blue skies and starry nights as well as friends and family with which to share them!