Yay! One week from Valentine’s Day and that’s still plenty of time to get heartsy and craftsy (wink, wink).  Also, the puns will stop soon after Valentine’s Day, I promise! But, in the spirit of love month, I wanted to add a little love to my wardrobe, so I went back to a technique I’ve used many times here on the blog and I made a no-sew heart sweater!





There are really only 3 things you need for this: a sweater, some fleece (or even felt) to fit the size of your heart pattern, and some Heat ‘n Bond fusible webbing.  Be sure to choose a sweater that’s lightweight and smooth in texture, and choose fleece that is lightweight as well.  Click on the images below for a quick shop list! (The sweater comes in 20 colors!)




Click HERE for the heart pattern you’ll need as well.  When printing, you may have to adjust the scale to the size that you want.


Just cut the pattern out, fold your fleece neatly to where you can line the straight edge of the heart on the fold, then cut.




Once you unfold, you’ll have a nice symmetrical heart!



Using the same pattern and method, cut another heart from the Heat ‘n Bond.


Following the instructions on the Heat ‘n Bond, iron it onto the back side of the fleece heart.  (I actually wanted the smoother side to show on the front of my heart, so I ironed the webbing to the fuzzy side since that was going to be the back.




If necessary, trim any overhang after ironing…


Then, peel the paper backing from the fleece as per the directions and iron the heart carefully onto the sweater.



Make sure all edges are smoothly adhered, and once the front of the heart is securely in place, iron the backside of the heart as well on the inside of the sweater.




And that’s it!  This is a quick and easy project that can be used in all kinds of ways!



Wear your heart on your sleeve, on your sweater, or whatever you want!  I’ll be wearing mine!