Just when you think I’ve got more Christmas in this house than could ever be possible, guess what?  There’s more!  Trust me– I’m even surprised I can fit this much festive fun into one home, but I love styling it and I love the feeling it creates in this house, so here we are!  I decorated our bedroom for the holidays for the first time last year and now I’m hooked! So here we are again this year with a little different look!


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My bedding I love from last year is back in stock and on sale HERE and I highly recommend it!  This is the platinum color and is almost as versatile as my beloved white bedding, which is great because you can style the same duvet so many ways by just switching out a few pillows and throws!  You may have noticed my rug is new too!! I decided to get this one when I found this awesome deal and I absolutely love it.  Trust me– you cannot find this rug for a better deal!  Also– I finally got these new leopard pillows which I promise you will be seeing again in other places!  So classic and versatile!  Find these pillow covers HERE.



And another favorite addition this year was this tree!! I have wanted a tree for our room for a while now and finally found this one for a great deal, which I shared here.  This tree looks amazing in person, which is one reason why I decided to leave it completely undecorated!  I love the simplicity of this.  Plus– this tree is the one that has several light functions including switching from white to colored lights!







(this post contains affiliate links which help to support this blog.)


And here’s another of my favorite features in this room:  this is the outlet remote I’m always going on about at Christmas.  We programmed this so it can turn off all the Christmas trees in the house and even the outside lights, right from here!  No more having to get out of bed to remember to turn off all the lights!! It’s a dream! Find this HERE.  By the way, these make a perfect gift because they can be used on lamps, string lights, or all kinds of things year-round!



With the exception of the trees and a few other touches, I’ll be keeping this look for the winter!








If you have a few spare Christmas decorations or winter accents, I highly recommend adding them to your bedroom this year!  It can really be a way to enjoy a relaxing holiday retreat amidst the busyness of the season!  And if you can’t do an entire tree, maybe just a few string lights or a garland on the headboard is great as well! I hope this inspires you, friends!