Y’all know how much I love a good party. And one thing I feel that makes a good party is a good party favor!  I love sending my guests home with a little something, especially at Christmas!  I recently had one of my biggest Christmas parties ever with a bunch of teen girls from our youth group, so I came up with this little treat, which turned out to be a big hit with them.  And so easy too!! It’s peppermint sugar, which can be used in all kinds of ways, from sprinkling on hot chocolate or coffee, to rubbing on your lips or hands as a refreshing exfoliant!



There are only 2 ingredients, so it couldn’t be much simpler! All you need is some white sugar and some peppermint syrup!


I like to buy a bottle of Starbucks syrup for us to have at home during the holidays and it lasts forever it seems!  You can get this from most Starbucks stores for around $12 and they will also give you a pump for easy use at home!


For this recipe, you only need one tablespoon of the syrup to one cup of sugar, so it only takes a little!  I made a large bowl of this because I was filling 24 little bottles, but you can make as much or as little as you want!


Just pour the syrup into the sugar and mix until well-blended.  It will start to fluff up and look just like snow!  So pretty, and it smells amazing!



You’ll need some cute airtight jars to fill for gifting these to friends, and I found these adorable round ones at Hobby Lobby.


Here are a few more options for great deals as well.  Click on the pics to shop (affiliate links)…


You’ll probably need a funnel for filling the bottles or jars, and you may also need a straw to help poke the sugar through since the texture is very fluffy.




It’s just so cute in the jar!


I love to add a simple label tied on with a little ribbon or baker’s twine as well.  It’s really such a fun little favor to make, but even more fun to give! Perfect for gifting to hostesses, teachers, and friends as well! I hope this gives you some inspiration!  I’m linking some of my other holiday favor ideas below!



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