It feels like I haven’t blogged in weeks, but that’s because I actually haven’t!  It’s been an extra busy holiday season for us, and it’s still going strong, so I’m on a holiday schedule until things get back to normal– or at least our version of it!  Almost all the Christmas decor came down on the day after Christmas, which is my usual custom, but as soon as that was coming down, I was putting a little New Year’s decor up, because that’s also my usual custom… some of my closest people call this a condition but I’m not looking for a cure anytime soon because I enjoy it too much!



As I was chalking out a 2019 for this new year, I couldn’t help but think back to all the other new years that this house has seen.  I blinked, and suddenly, I’m beginning my 10th year of blogging.  In nearly 1,100 posts, I’ve shared everything from furniture makeovers to fun parties to the most fragile of memories of my personal life.  I’ve never regretted letting you in to my life via this blog because I’ve been able to make significant connections with some of you as a result, and it has opened doors I never imagined it would when this started!



Over the years, the look and content have changed a little here (and thankfully I’ve improved some of my photography skills!), but one thing I’ve never changed is the impossibly long name, which defies all the rules of what a good blog name should be, but fits me more perfectly than any shorter and smarter name could.  It’s so true that I live a life of bliss, but also true that there are many imperfections.  That condition that I mentioned often results in my sharing the prettiest parts of my life and the most fun and joyous occasions, but I don’t want that to ever come between us. There have been people who take that first glance here and move on because they thought they stumbled upon the path of a perfectionist, but I hope you’ll never feel that you can’t relate to me because I live a life without problems.  We’ve all got our share, friend!  Sometimes I talk about mine here, and sometimes I don’t have the freedom to do that.



But what you will find is what I feel God wants me to share with you all, because the lesser-known fact about this blog is that the DIY and decor are not the main parts.  The main part is connecting with you so that you can connect with Christ.  It’s not the most popular thing in blogging, and it definitely is not the best strategy for growing followers and increasing revenue.  But I’m totally fine with that!  I’d much rather connect with individuals who need encouragement from a friend than masses who are in search of things that don’t really matter.



Y’all– I don’t have all the answers.  And I’ve realized that more the older that I’ve gotten!  Some of you have watched me try to mom my kids from elementary to teens into adulthood and we’ve shared experiences along the way.  Now my oldest two are in serious relationships and so we’re in yet another stage of uncharted territory with unknown adventures ahead! I used to say I’d love to have a handbook with a little index where I could look up what to do in every situation, but that’s not what God chooses to do with us.



When I was growing up, I would go straight to my dad with any kind of question about anything because he was the wisest person I knew.  Even up to when my kids started high school, I’d call him for advice on how to handle different situations.  After 3 years of no longer being able to call him or see him face to face, this past year, it finally sunk in that God was telling me He wanted me to go to Him like I did my dad for all the unanswered questions of life.  My husband is a gem and now the wisest man I know, but even he doesn’t have all the answers.  And I have a feeling most of you are searching for answers for something even at this very moment.  You do have someone to go to.  He is waiting to help and will.  If you have questions about knowing Christ personally, I’m here to help!  Just contact me.



What surprises will 2019 bring us?  I’m scared to ask sometimes after what other years have brought.  But, I just wanted to start the year here by saying I’m here for you.  I’ll keep sharing my life, and I hope you’ll share yours with me.  Things are less-than-perfect here.  But there’s still plenty of room for bliss.  I hope you’ll be here to share it! Happy 2019!