My summer blogging schedule continues as I carry on with my summer of intentional presence with so many of my favorite people!  We have had such a great summer so far, and we’re squeezing out every meaningful moment we have left before it’s back to school for us in just a couple weeks! Some of those fun moments this week involved an ice cream social I hosted for some of the 9th grade girls I teach at church. As you all know, theme parties are one of my favorite things, and it’s been too long since I’ve shared one here, so it’s about time!



This one was a super-fun party to plan, especially with the chalkboard and ice cream cone balloon sculpture! (I’m getting a how-to post together for that coming soon, but it was cheap and easy!)




As for the chalkboard, I’ve got a free printable for you if you’d like to print one for your own party, and you can download that HERE!



The menu was as simple as could be with just ice cream, toppings, and flavored sodas!  See the source list at the end of this post for links to most of these items!








And I had to have a little popcorn, too, because it’s perfect for all kinds of parties and the bags are just so cute!



Since the party was on my porch, I just focused all the decor on the party table, using some of my favorite things like wrapping paper table runners and cute disposable paper products! And I made a few ice cream soda flower arrangements served up in some ice cream cups!







I could do this all day just for the love of party decor, but the best part truly is making it a good time for the guests!  And girls this age are the perfect guests!  They were sweet and thankful and by the end of the night, I’m pretty sure we had laughed off all the calories from the ice cream.







However many days of summer are left for you, surely you can find some time for a little ice cream party, right? I’m linking the sources I have for some of the items I used below!  (These are affiliate links.) Enjoy!


Gold Polka Dot Treat Cups

Pinwheel Paper Straws

Gold Plastic Spoons

Rectangle Letterboard

Gold Letter Board Letters

Striped Paper Bags

White Cake Stand