One of my favorite ways to change up a space is a throw pillow.  I once held a contest on my Instagram to see who could guess how many throw pillows I have in my house and the number was both astounding and embarrassing! Ha! And yet I continue to share a plethora of tutorials of pillows I’ve made through the years, including the welcome pillow I shared this week!

Since we’re currently working on a teen basement hangout, I’ve been searching for some more (you guessed it!) pillows!  And since we’re adding some elements of our hometown of Knoxville, TN, I decided to make a little pillow with our area code, which is a popular motif in this town!


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I love this technique of felt appliqué, and I’ve shared it in other ways before, but it really is so easy and requires no sewing!  In fact, I used this pre-made pillow cover, so I didn’t even have to sew that!

Here are the only supplies needed for this project:

pillow cover


Heat n Bond iron-on adhesive

pattern of your choice


an iron




Since I was using the numbers, I just printed them out in the size I wanted to use as a pattern…



Following the instructions for the Heat n Bond, I cut it to fit and ironed it to my felt.




The next step is to just cut around the pattern, being careful to keep it straight.  Or–pin it in place if you have the patience to go find your straight pins!





When they’re all cut out, simply peel the paper backing off as directed, and iron your pieces in place on the pillow!





And that’s it!  As you can imagine, there is no end to the possible ways to design pillows with this technique!  I’ve done more then I can count myself!



This one actually works great in my son’s room!  But, it’s heading to the new basement hangout very soon.  Stay tuned for the reveal on that in a few days!  I hope this has sparked a little inspiration for you!  Have fun with this!