So I’ve been a little busy, as you know, with the One Room Challenge going on in Lily’s room, and then over the weekend, we got an early surprise appearance from my newest little niece!  (I’ll share a pic of her soon, so stay tuned!)

With all this excitement, I’m a little behind with keeping you updated on some other projects, but here’s one of them:  a new dining room rug!

For years, we never had a rug in the dining room.  I have loved the look of the wood floors, but I finally decided I was ready for a change.

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I couldn’t find the right look I wanted for the longest time, then, when I finally decided on an overdyed pink design, I was waiting for a good deal.

Then I spotted this Threshold one from Target and I knew it was the one!  It turned out to just right for this room, and the price was amazing!



I first ordered the 7′ X 10′ size, but since we are thinking about getting a larger table, we decided to opt for the 9′ X 12′, and I’m loving it!  And all sizes are on sale for a couple more days, so check it out here!





I’ve learned this lesson before, but when we put the rug in this room, I was once again amazed at how much it brightened everything up!



And I love the color!  Not just because pink is one of my favorites, but because it’s extremely versatile and works well with seasonal changes.




If you’re in the market for a new rug, I highly recommend this one!  Not a sponsored post– just a happy customer!

This week’s update on Lily’s room is coming soon!  Major stuff happening in there!!