I’ve said this many times before, but one of the things I love about writing this blog is that I can totally be myself here.  I write my life right along side posts about chicken pot pie and room makeovers, and it’s all fine because all of these things are who I am.  I’ve shared some of my funniest stories, and also my deepest moments, and you all read along while we flip the pages together.  This week, I’m turning a page of my life that I didn’t expect God to write, but He has, and so we will.

I shared with you recently that my life-long bestie, Denise, is moving to Texas.  Their house is packed up, the truck is loaded, and it’s really happening.  After over 40 years of being friends and living in Tennessee, we are starting a new chapter of living apart. But their family and friends could not let them slip out without a nice send-off, so that’s what we tried to do.

In beautiful Tennessee style, we decided to host the party in a barn, which turned out to be the perfect setting.




With wildflowers in buckets, Tennessee and Texas flags, and (of course chalkboards) as the basic decor, the fellowship of friends was the real focus of the night.












Of course there was barbecue, as well as chips, several other goodies, and a cupcake tray in the form of a Texas flag.  We enjoyed it all while chatting about memories from forever ago and trying to keep tears from falling into our sweet tea.










It was a wonderful thing to see so many friends and family of Denise and her family work together to send them off in a way that is worthy of what they mean to us all.  This is a core group of people who have been through many trials and triumphs and heartbreak and happiness together for many years now…





And we’ve thrown in a little crazy now and then, too.



Denise and I have had the rare privilege to have a part in every chapter of each other’s lives, from pre-school to college, to marriage, to driving our own kids to college together.  And now this.



There are many chapters in our lives, and as the sun sets on this one, I remind myself that after 40-plus years of friendship, numerous heartaches, countless fits of laughter, husbands, 7 kids, and a roller coaster of emotional highs and lows, 867 miles aren’t enough to separate us.  God, be with us in our next chapters!



Just a few of our finest moments through the years…