Yay!  We’re on Spring Break this week, which means I’m doing a little less blogging and a little more spending time with the kids!  We’ve already been busy crafting and having some fun.  Lola has been wanting to make a felt bunny garland for her room, so we decided she should be the one to explain how to do it!



She even did a little video tutorial!  The step-by-step is below as well…



Supplies needed are string or twine, glue, pom poms, and some felt bunnies!


We found our bunnies at Target, but you can also cut your own out of felt.  Use this pattern, scaled to the size you need!



Carefully cut slits in the tops of the bunny ears with an X-acto knife…


Then string the bunnies onto the string.




Lastly, use a little craft glue to add a pom pom for the tail!



That’s it!  So simple, and a great little craft the kids can do for themselves.


Hope you’re having a great week!  I’ll be back in a few days for more great Spring projects!