Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite days to celebrate, so that usually translates into at least a few banners and hearts around the house!  This year, I did a little mantel decor in the family room and it only took about 5 minutes!



I started by moving this greenery garland from the dining room to the mantel.  I found it at Hobby Lobby in the fall and I’ve used it several ways since! On a whim, I decided to tuck in some pink carnations as well.  These dry nicely and keep their color for awhile, so they should be good ’til Valentine’s Day.  The Be Mine banner came from Marshall’s last year, but if you’re crafty, you could easily make one with paper and gold letters!






On the sofa, I switched out some of the darker colors and added a couple of pale pink velvety ones I spotted at Hobby Lobby for a softer look.



And I added one of my white fur pillows to the gold chair to go with the other white fur that’s normally there!



A little more love on the bar cart and hung on the door knob sets the tone for February!





I’ll share a little more Valentine’s decor as over the next couple weeks.  But, what about you? Do you like to decorate for Valentine’s Day?