In all the excitement about my trip and wanting to share it all with you, I haven’t gotten around to telling you the big news. That little souvenir I mentioned I found on our trip to Atlanta recently? It’s here.

And I have to admit I did have a crazy feeling in my gut when it first arrived that was somewhere between “EEEkk! I’m so excited!” and “What on earth have I done?”

After all, it was a semi-spontaneous decision made under the pressure of my kids and husband who saw my lingering gaze in the showroom as their cue to bring on the sudden barrage of reasons why we really needed this sofa. That, combined with the fact that Home Decorator’s Collection was having a huge sale plus totally free shipping did have me revisiting my dream of a white sofa.

And all the way home, I rehearsed in my mind again that never-ending debate over beauty v. practicality. But, in the end, beauty won.



Light prevailed over the dark.















{Remember my dark leather?}

And the Riemann Curved Tufted Sectional in Microsuede Pearl became the jewel of the living room. Now the room is totally opened up and feels so much brighter.

At 12 feet long, it does take up a little space (ahhemm), but the good news is, all 6 of us can fit very comfortably with room to spare!

I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a couple new chairs and just the right table to replacemy beloved tufted ottomanI made which isn’t quite right with the new sofa.

Even though I haven’t found the right ones yet, my searching did turn up a new mirror on the Marshall’s clearance aisle. I’ll take it!

Let me know what you think of the new white. I’m crazy in love with it. Or maybe just crazy.