The last little trace of Christmas has now been removed from this house, including the front door wreaths and garlands.  But, since winter is actually just beginning here in Tennessee, I thought it fitting to style the piano room in a fresh winter look.

Cozy fur, fresh flowers, and of course, string lights make a perfect combination for the cold winter days and nights ahead.







I literally took the lights straight off the tree and hung them on the mantel. I probably have a mile’s length of string lights in this house by now, but all I know is if that many string lights are wrong, I don’t want to be right.  Who’s with me?







Besides being a string light advocate, I’m also the poster child for grocery store flowers.  It’s amazing how a small bouquet can lift your mood and brighten up an entire room!  Plus, they’re fun to practice your photography with as well, which you may have noticed is another of my favorite things to do.






So, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! –But just for a day or two so I can lay on this sofa all day and binge-watch Downton Abbey.  After that, I’ll be ready for spring.  How about you?