It’s a known fact that anyone with the slightest bit of OCD in their blood (that would be me) has already started some form of organization in this first week and a half into the new year!  So, for all of you, and also those who might need a little more motivation to get started, I’ve gathered a few of my favorite decorative storage solutions.  I’m sharing these as a part of Operation Organization 2017 with a few other organizationally-inclined blogger friends, which I’ll share below!

But, first, I say let’s put the fun back into functionality.  Here are a few ways I like to keep organized while keeping it pretty…

Starting in my closet, do y’all remember when I made my framed jewelry organizer waaay back when?  I still use it!  It was a super-fun project that is super functional, too.  Click here to read the original how-to.



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Like many people, one of my favorite ways to keep the clutter under control is by using cute bins.  I found these at Marshall’s, and they hold my note cards, small purses, and other miscellaneous items.  I made the bottom shelf a little vanity area by adding dollar store mirrors to the back and a clear acrylic tray in front of them.




In another area of the closet, I used to have my sweaters and scarves folded on the shelves, like this…




Then I ended up finding these perfect gold striped bins to store them in, and now it’s a much neater look!



I’ve also got some hat boxes and some photo boxes that I re-styled to store some cards and letters and other small items on shelves.  Click here to see how I transformed the photo boxes into decorative storage boxes.




Also in my closet, are my wrapping supplies, and after trying to find the solution for storing my wraps for so long, I finally decided on a hamper.  Here are some cute styles to choose from if you need one too!



(This post contains affiliate links which help to support this blog.)


In Abby’s room (which we made over last year), she has a another framed jewelry organizer, plus another of my favorites:  a storage bench!  We made a slipcover for hers and posted about it here.  Click here for a great selection of other styles as well.




Another great idea for a bathroom or bedroom is this adorable framed nail polish rack.  This one is available from this Etsy seller.  So cute!




And I love this adorable way to store make-up brushes shared by this blogger.




In our living room, I’ve styled our bar cart with a fresh look for winter, but I kept the gold and white gift boxes out that I had found at Target before Christmas.



Boxes like these are perfect for storing games, DVD’s, extra magazines, and more!




And for a kitchen, I love how Ella Claire uses uniform jars on open shelving for a functional, yet beautiful system.  (Find a similar jar for this look here.)



And lastly, this totally cute laundry room from View Along the Way illustrates my point exactly:  Organization can be beautiful!  I am so loving this look!  (Find a great deal on similar baskets here.)




I hope this gives you a few ideas for your own spaces that may need a bit of organization.  For more organization inspiration, be sure to visit these other blogs sharing tips for Operation: Organization…




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