The progress continues on Abby’s room, and last week, I DIY’d this dreamy fur ottoman for the end of her bed. And it only took an hour!

I didn’t start from scratch. It was actually a slipcover for this leather ottoman that we’ve had in our office for the past few years. And since we recently bought a sofa for the office, we didn’t need the ottoman anymore.

Remember when I madethis vanity stoolfor my bathroom? Well, I decided I’d order some of my favorite Mongolian fur and try a slipcover. Click here for my affiliate link to this awesome stuff!

It’s a great quality faux fur and so realistic that Scout loves it and feels right at home on it!

So, I simply laid the fur over the ottoman, wrong side up, with the legs still attached to the ottoman so I could keep it at the right height.

Then, I trimmed the fabric all around, leaving about an inch of overhang over the leather. (Yes, this fur makes a mess when you cut it, like all fur, but it’s no biggie to clean it all up when you’re done.)

Next, I pinned all the corners to fit the fur to the frame.

Next, I removed the legs of the ottoman and sprayed them gold with my favorite Krylon gold foil metallic.

Then, I removed the fur, and sewed each corner edge along the pinned guidelines. Then, Iplaced it back on the ottoman frame to check the fit. Once I made sure there were no adjustments needed, I trimmed all the excess fabric fromthe corners.

And as soon as the painted legs were dry, I screwed them back on and turned the slipcover right side out.

So easy! And a great way to re-use a piece we already had. And since it’s just a slipcover, it can still be used for storage.

Little by little, Abby’s room is coming together, so stay tuned for more projects and the big reveal! For more updates as we go, follow me on Instagram!