I was just sitting here thinking that this year will be my 15th year of back-to-school shopping.  And I will have 8 more years to go after this year.  And that’s not counting college! Is there a medal somewhere for moms that survive 23 years of this stuff?  I need some incentive!

My dining table is once again covered in school supplies and I’m searching for some motivation to get the last few things together.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been DIY-ing many projects for back-to-school so far, but I did put together a little round-up of favorite projects from the past, for those of you who are interested!

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DIY Pencil Pouches



Personalized Sanitizer Bottle





DIY Backpack Tags




DIY lunch bag

DIY Lunch Bag



I hope these add some fun to your back-to-school routine!  Pin them now and save them for later if your schedule looks like mine right now!  Follow my Kids board on Pinterest for some more fun ideas!