Don’t go, Summer!  I’m not done with the parties and pool days and fun with friends!  (Anyone else with me?)  Whether we like it or not, our summer is coming to a close.  But that doesn’t mean there’s not time for just a little more summer fun.  If you’re having a luau, pool party, or some other summer soirée, I’ve got the perfect little party favor idea to send home with your guests!


Free Pineapple Printable Party Favors!

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Since pineapples are the symbol of hospitality and they’re super-popular right now, I put together this printable for you to use however you like!  (Click here for the download.)


pineapple printables



Just cut out the pineapples, then use a small bag (I used this size) and fill it with candy or other small favors.  I filled mine with this tropical taffy and it’s yummy!  There are around 400 pieces in this bag, so it’s plenty!!

pineapples cut sm


candy sm2


I cut the top zip lock off the bag to make it fold easier, then wrapped a pineapple around and stapled!  So easy!


pineapple stapled sm


stapling sm


finshed sm


And since I’m heading to the Haven Conference this weekend, I decided to attach my business card and pass these out to my new friends!  If you’re going, be sure to find me so I can give you one!


business cards sm


Hope you enjoy these!  If you’d like a free printable of my pineapple chalk art to go with your party, click here!