Remember just a few weeks ago, when I told you all I had decided to get a rug for our breakfast room from The Perfect Rug?

Well, it arrived last week while I was at the beach, and as soon as we put it down, it transformed the room…

There’s a softer, more comfortable feel to the space, and since I was able to choose the exact measurements, it’s a perfect fit!

I love that I got to choose the size, the material, and the exact border I wanted. We chose the Biscayne Natural with the 1.5″ canvas border in Alabaster, and it arrived it perfect condition, carefully packaged and ready to use.

We also chose the Sure Grip rug pad to go with it, and it’s exactly as the name implies– lightweight and perfect for holding the rug in place. And since I have this rug under our table, the pad will also protect the floor in case of a spill through the natural fibers of the rug.

I love the extra light it adds to the room. And because I love a neutral backdrop in the house that I can add color to, it’s a perfect fit for that as well.

Thanks so much to The Perfect Rug for a great quality rug that we love! I’m more than happy to recommend them to you all if you’re looking for just the perfect rug for your own space! You’ll love the many options available and the easy-order process to get the custom rug you’re looking for. Be sure to click here and check them out.