So my fall home tour this year is a little different than some of my others. If you’re looking for perfectly polished, it’s only fair that I stop you here. This one is for those whose homes aren’t getting pinned to Pinterest… For the girl who drove halfway to work this morning before realizing she was wearing her bedroom slippers. For the ones who are barely getting dinner on the table, much less an elaborate fall centerpiece.

It’s for those who have sticky sinks and dirty dishes, but can still manage to focus on the real beauty in life.

For the ones carrying heavy emotional burdens, and those who are just plain tired…

For the ones whose lives and homes aren’t perfect, but are brave enough to let people in anyway.

And for those of you waiting: for the right person…for someone to come home… for the biopsy results to come back.

And those who are able to recognize amazing grace amidst the cluttered mundane.

This tour is for those of you who will never own a famous artist’s work, but have priceless masterpieces all around the house.

It’s for those who don’t have the motivation to pull off an elaborate mantel, so you add a little pumpkin (or not) and call it a day.

I get you. And I’ve either worn your shoes or I’m wearing them now.

This life can be hard and overwhelming and amazingly wonderful, too. There are times when we feel inspired, and times when it’s all we can do to get out of bed. If this is where you are right now and you’re soul-tired, give it rest.

If you can’t focus on anything else, focus on Christ, His Word, and the relationships He’s given you. This is the starting point from which all true life meaning begins. And if you find theinspiration for extra things after that, great. If not,keep resting in Him.

There is perfection to be found in our less-than-perfect lives, but it’s not in thematerial beauty we sometimes manage to manufacture around us. It’s in our discovery of Him. Let’s let this sink in today. If you don’t know where to start, contact me. I’m not sure which of you needs this at this moment, but if it’s you, I get it, friend! I’m right there with you! Let’s fix our eyes on Jesus today.