For those of you asking how things are going for us as we adapt to life with a dog, well, let’s just say it’s been an adventure!

Are we all surviving? Barely. Is it more work than we thought? Possibly. Is he the cutest dog we’ve ever seen? For sure.

So funny how a one-and-a-half-pound ball of fluff can turn a family upside down.

The first several days had us busy cleaning up messes and tuning out the crying, but Scout is getting the hang of getting trained, and keeping us laughing as well.

We’ve learned a lot already, including what’s going to work for us, and what won’t. For instance, we bought this awesome crate for him before he arrived, but even though it’s made toadjust to different sized dogs, we found out pretty quickly it was still too big for him. Plus, with his small paws, he somehow figured out how to open the latch– three times!

So, we started putting him in this crate which has been much better for his tiny self. It was also a great deal and a much better color than the ones we had seen in stores (which, of course, is a huge priority).

And then there was the challenge of finding a gate for the laundry room door that would be both functional and attractive. After a little searching, we found this one, and thought–“It’s perfect!”

So, we popped it in the doorway, and let Scout try it out. Here’s a little video to show you what Scout thought of it…

Clearly, he thought it was perfect. But, we needed to modify it just a tad to make it work for us since he’s such a tiny little pooch. So, Dave added a little plexi-glass and: voilá! Style and functionality are friends again.

And speaking of style, this little sling a friend gave us is going to be perfect for both of us. It even has a little cell phone pocket!

Click here for the link with all the details and color choices! Love it!

So, yes, life with Scout has been an adventure so far. We all still have a lot to learn, but we’re making it. And as my dad says, Scout will have us all trained soon.

Thanks for your kind commentsand helpful tips! Maybe some of Scout’s favorite must-haves will work for your furry friends, too.

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