We Southern girls love a monogram even more than we love our biscuits and gravy. We proudly display our initials on everything from baby bags to silver trays and that’s just a start.

I think every Southern town has at least one good embroidery shop, and I’ve given my fair share of business to ours, but I recently decided to DIY my own monogram on a little hoodie and it was as easy as pie.

I don’t care what level of crafty you are, you can definitely do this!

Start with a hoodie you like. I found this cobalt blue one at Old Navy, but I also found these available on Amazon in a great selection of colors for great prices, too!

Then you’ll need iron-on letters: one large for the last name initial, and 2 small for the first and middle. I found these at Hobby Lobby for great prices. (Plus you can use your coupon to save even more.)

Then, just line up your letters in a monogram pattern, slightly touching, but not overlapping.

Following the instructions on the package, just iron them on your hoodie! And these particular letters can be dyed to whatever color you like as well.

These are so easy to do, you’ll be wanting to monogram everything in sight.

Take it from this Southern girl–these would make fabulous Christmas, birthday, or bridesmaids gifts and you’ll have more funthan a kid at the county fair.

And speaking of more monogrammed gifts– I’d been eyeing this canvas and leather weekender bag at Joss and Main for a while now and finally decided to treat myself when theyrecently offered free shipping. It just arrived as I was writing this postand let me say it’s even better in person. And although it’s not available at the moment, these pop up in various events often, so if you’ve not yetsigned up for a free membership, you really should. And I’d love to refer you! Click here to do that so you don’t miss a thing!