Most of us grown-up girls love a cute statement necklace, but it’s no surprise that little girls love them, too! But, they’re not always easy to find in the smaller sizes, so me and my littles decided to make some ourselves recently. It was lots of fun, and less money than the store-bought ones, too!

I patterned them after the look of this style I posted about last year. And lucky for us, we found the beads on clearance at our Hobby Lobby, so the ones we made only cost a few dollars each!

These are just made with beads and ribbon, plus the the tiger tail wire and the crimp beads I used for the original necklace.

And one more important part: the double ring jump rings. Make sure they’re the double so the wire doesn’t slip through the opening later. (Yes, we learned this the hard way!)

Start by threading the beads onto a piece of tiger tail wire.

Once the beads are on, loop the wire through a crimp bead, through the ring, then back through the crimp bead, as pictured.

Then, pull the tail of the wire to cinch the hardware close to the beads, crimp the crimp bead firmly with pliers, tuck the tail of the wire into the beads, or trim it off.

Repeat the process on the other end of the beads, then thread one long piece of ribbon through the rings and tie into a bow.

You can make them in all kids of color combos and even switch out the ribbons to get different looks!

They’re super-cute and super-fun!

**Please, please note: Always use discretion when making jewelry for children. I recommend thesenecklaces for girls of 7 or 8 years of age or older, and be sure theyhavesupervision when tying them on and wearing them due to the risk of strangulation.

Here’s a little supply list for you if you’d like to buy online: Widgets